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Brother's Rye- Start It Up Again

There’s nothing like music to lift your spirits after a long winter.

To that end, Daniel teamed up with Woods Hole folk-country musicians Brother's Rye, as well as guest mandolin player Jenni Lyn Gardner to produce a video for their song, “Start It Up Again.” Released in May 2012.

Blending bluegrass, folk, outlaw country and rockabilly, Paterson’s songs are quiet anthems for the year-round population; people who live hard and party harder, and don’t expect their lives are the stuff wistful country songs are made of. “Start It Up Again” is the perfect example of that: in the video, Paterson drives by boarded up houses by the beach in his pickup, later joining some friends around the bonfire for a whiskey-fueled jam session.

Shot on Canon’s 5D and old-school Nikon bellows technology, the project was the perfect opus for what’s shaping up to be a busy spring!